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    Sorry its in english and I may have misunderstood from the translator? My understanding is you want to try and amplify and acoustic Ukulele and the comment i would like to make here for you or anyone else who is considering this is Do not get one of the clip on microphones that are similar to the clip on tuners and use the same technology. The do work but they are really not very good. they pick up a lot of extra noise from any nocking of the Ukulele, an adjustment of how you hold it, or anything: and they make all ukuleles sound the same! I had one and ended up putting it in the rubbish bin

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    I am told Omega Music in the UK is going to stock some. Try contacting Matt Warnes ( ) for the latest information

    Failing that Snail told me they would probably be selling direct once their website is up (which they keep saying will be soon) so you could try and go direct? Ada Hsu [] Ada Speaks and writes very good English but I don’t know if she can speak Italian


    Hello Alice,

    Ciao Alice,


    I’m afraid I can only speak english and get Google to translate to Italian so please forgive e if I have misunderstood or the translation is bad
    Ho paura che posso parlare solo inglese e ottenere a Google di tradurre in italiano così ti prego di perdonare e se ho capito male o la traduzione è male


    You suggest, that to lower the action of you Banjolele you can get a smaller bridge or move it back towards the tail piece
    Lei suggerisce, che per abbassare l’azione di voi banjolele è possibile ottenere un ponte più piccolo o spostarlo di nuovo verso il pezzo di coda
    You can get smaller bridges, they are not very expensive, (less than 10€) and easily available online or even through ebay
    È possibile ottenere più piccoli ponti, non sono molto costosi, (meno di 10 €) e facilmente accessibile in linea o anche attraverso ebay
    But you must not move the bridge back toward the tail piece. Doing this will make the intonation wrong and mean the banjolele goes out of tune as you go down the neck
    Ma non è necessario spostare il ponte verso la parte posteriore. Facendo questo renderà l’intonazione sbagliata e significare la banjolele va stonato come si va giù per il collo
    The bridge always has to be the same distance from the twelfth fret as the twelfth fret is from the nut and you know it is in the right place when you get a clear harmonic exactly over the twelfth fret
    Il ponte deve essere sempre la stessa distanza dal dodicesimo tasto come il dodicesimo tasto è dal dado e si sa che è al posto giusto quando si ottiene un chiaro armonica esattamente sopra il dodicesimo tasto

Stai visualizzando 3 post - dal 1 a 3 (di 3 totali)
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