Ukulele Russ – Alaska’s Wild Man of the Ukulele misses Schio, Italy.

Aloha Forum Presentazioni Ukulele Russ – Alaska’s Wild Man of the Ukulele misses Schio, Italy.

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    Ukulele Russ

    Hey everyone out there in YOUkulele Land!!! My name is Ukulele Russ and I am Alaska’s only professional touring ukulele player / wild man. I live in the woods in a tiny dry cabin with my Fiancee on the edge of civilization in interior Alaska. You might ask, “What’s a dry cabin?”. Well that means we don’t have running water. We have been hauling our drinking / washing water in jugs and using an outhouse for quite some time now. It is a simple life. Not something that you would imagine when thinking about ukuleles. That is why this is the last ukulele frontier. Here I spend my time touring and playing shows and hunting / fishing for my freezer and harvesting wild edibles. My Fiance and I do not eat meat from the store. We like them wild!

    Interesting thing about me is that I have a connection not only to the ukulele world community but to Italy. My mother’s side of the family is from Schio and I have many family members there. The sad thing is that It has been 15 years since I have seen them in person. I recently learned of the ukulele’s popularity in Italy and it really excited me. Perhaps one day I could come tour my motherland!

    Please take the time to find me on youtube or at my website — I have a different approach to the instrument that I think many people will enjoy.

    Thank you Luca for putting this forum together so people from around the world can connect through ukuleles and they can translate it into their own language!



    benvenuto ukulele russ hand


    Ukulele Russ, you’re welcome in your-our motherland!
    Your approach to the ukulele sounds really great, I’ve seen your Youtube Channel.
    Please, enjoy being part of this community!

    Amministratore del forum

    Grande Russ, benvenuto fra noi! hangloose
    Aspetta che ti diano il benvenuto quelli che vivono vicino Schio…


    che bello averti qui sul forum!!! speriamo presto anche in italia!!! …. schio … veneto !!! l’ukulele veneto nel mondo!!!lol


    Benvenuto! ;)


    Hi Russ, welcome aboard and thank you for sharing your experience with us!!
    I took a look at your youtube channel and I really appreciated the Ninja Turtles-Captain Planet medley: they were my favorite cartoons when i was a child exciting1

    p.s. I live 30 km away from Schio hangloose


    Un giorno, ci incontreremo.
    Una cosa alla Into the Wild nessuno me la toglierà dalla testa adore

    One day we will meet.
    One thing to Into the Wild nobody will take away from me the head

    Amministratore del forum

    ragazzi colgo l’occasione per ricordare a tutti che abbiamo il traduttore in alto a destra. se non parlate inglese, potete tranquillamente scrivere in italiano… l’utente può selezionare la sua lingua, tradurre tutto il contenuto nella sua lingua e viceversa.
    so che non è perfetto ma ti permette di farti un’idea più o meno precisa del messaggio. e si può sempre contribuire nel pannello di controllo per renderlo più accurato.

    l’unica eccezione sono le stanze dove è specificata un’altra lingua principale, nei forum “International” in basso. lì la lingua principale è un’altra ;)

    Ukulele Russ

    One day my dream will come true and I will be able to return to Italy and play cartoon songs… and other classy stuff on my ukulele.

    Thanks for welcoming me everyone!


    Wow Russ, you make me want to move there! Wild life… my dream! beautylove
    Many compliments for your ukulele approach! hangloose


    HOOOO MY GOD!!!!!!!!
    Ukulele Russ!!! the first thing that i did to take my ukulele it’s to see someone that play this instrument… and i see

    I love your country! I love your “habitat”! and the still of live ;) lol
    I have a great field where i had make a vegetable garden and a great orchard so i eat what i do lol
    I hope to travel the america states like into the wild film ….
    sooooooooooo…….. I love your style ;)

    Welcome and have fun with us hangloosehangloosehangloosehangloose

    Ukulele Russ

    One of my favorite memories was watching a band in a park in Schio. My cousin Antonio brought me there and we sat and listened to the band play old 50s/60s rock and roll songs with in obvious Italian English accent. It is one of the memories from my teen years that I believe got me into playing music. I’m just glad I found the ukulele.

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