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    Not Sure if I should post this here or in the English Section as I’m writing in English? I’ve picked here as its a review and Jontom has put in the translate function

    I call this the Signature model because it has the company snail logo laser cut as the central sound hole I don’t think Snail call it that

    This is a 2013 model, made in China and is an 18 fret Concert scale with the neck joining the body at the 14th fret. It has a solid ebony body with a Mahogany neck and rosewood bridge (standard tie off configuration) and fret board. As well as the snail shaped sound hole there is a sound port on the on the side of the lower bout. It has a satin finish and though I don’t know the brand, some of the best closed geared tuners I have ever used.
    Mine came with a reasonable enough padded softcase, complete with the Snail logo embroidered on it

    It has a very nice tone, not as much treble as with a spruce top but more than cedar, mahogany or koa. It has good sustain and does give some volume (though its always hard to tell with sound ports)

    Action, Fit & Finish
    The Ukulele is beautifully made, as good a quality as anything I have seen come out of China even from the well known brands. The frets are smooth, the wood used is top quality, the fit is all spot on with no signs of excess glue or anything like that all in all its very well put together – and did I mention the very smooth and accurate tuners?

    Mine came with a very good factory setup (and the string ends pointing down on the tie off bridge. I’m right handed and I do think poorly of some manufacturers who put the strings on with the ends pointing up when you play so they can catch your strumming arm). The fret board is flat and the neck is quite shallow so easy to go up and down on and the intonation is pretty spot on all the way up

    The Ukulele seems solid and well put together. the laser cut sound hole feels a bit delicate, but its complicated cutting on a solid, not laminate sound board. I would not take this one to a festival or one of those bars that need real bouncers on the door (the kind that never let me in anyway) Its more for sitting at home playing for your own enjoyment or at small civilised gatherings (if I was ever invited), but I see no reason why this wouldn’t last if properly looked after.

    Customer Support
    The people I got it from were very nice and very helpful

    Overall Rating
    I really like it and would recommend anyone to have a good look at a Snail Ukulele if they get the chance. Don’t be sniffy and conservative and say ” never heard of them I’ll get a …. because I know the name”
    And if anything happened to it I would want to get another one, above a lot of other ukes in my collection
    To Ukulele Corner (http://www.ukulelecorner.org.uk/home/in-the-corner/alto-or-concert/ebony-snail) for pictures more review and a sound clip

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    No problem Lardy!
    Ho selezionato “italiano” dal traduttore e mi ha tradotto il post hangloose

    Puoi tranquillamente continuare a scrivere in inglese dove vuoi. …I know it’s not a perfect translation… but it’s a good starting point!


    thanks a lot for the nice review. This looks like a nice instrument, I love the looks – and the sound too, judging from the sound sample you posted, it’s the kind of sound that I like for small ukes. Just a question: where did you buy it? Do you know any European sellers for this?
    Thanks J.


    I am told Omega Music in the UK is going to stock some. Try contacting Matt Warnes ( web@omegamusic.co.uk ) for the latest information

    Failing that Snail told me they would probably be selling direct once their website is up (which they keep saying will be soon) so you could try and go direct? Ada Hsu [snailukes.adahsu@gmail.com] Ada Speaks and writes very good English but I don’t know if she can speak Italian


    thank you very much. It’s a very interesting uke – I admit, I really, really love the dark, ebony look. But, of course, I care mostly about the sound, and your review (about the quality of production and the sound itself) convinced me that this could be one of those “hidden gems” that could be worthwhile getting. The price is very, very good too. I’ll definitely check out Omega Music or Snail themselves. Thanks again for the info, and also thanks for your websites, absolutely fantastic!

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